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  • Grahin Art: About

    About Grahin Art Institute

    One of the most premier art institutes across Mumbai, Grahin Art Institute was established in the year of 2011 by a passionate couple who were highly inspired by visual art. Their passion led them to develop an enthusiastic team who were driven to provide competent and professional fine art services to students from all age groups.

    Derived from the Sanskrit term, “Grahin” .is synonymous with imparting – just as the institute is committed to administering art education to the students for them absorb and learn. As students discover their innate artistic qualities and abilities with Grahin, the institute channelizes their innovativeness to constructive goals. The primary goal of this institute is to endeavour to create a strong and comprehensive base study for the students aiming to be a part of the art industry.

    With an aim to enhance the personal and professional artistic skills of students, Grahin provides a holistic training of art education that ranges from fine arts to commercial arts, foundation courses, entrance programs, diploma courses and many more.

    The result-oriented goal of Grahin has enabled them to cater to several students with several branches across Mumbai.

    Our Vision

    Focusing on educating students with creative and impactful art education, Grahin Art Institute pursues a vision to experience steady growth and connect with every student to help them achieve their artistic goals. With a commercial expansion, this institute can involve every aspiring artist to be a part of the innovative goals of society.

    Our Mission

    At Grahin Art Institute, students are encouraged to have open minds who are not only empowered to be artists but are inspired to come up with new ideas every day. We believe in imparting comprehensive art education to aspiring students who aim to be creators and bring a dedicated change to society. By strengthening the foundation of the students, this institute aims to instill the confidence that would motivate the students to achieve their goals.

    Founder's Stories

    “Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate.”

    Kinjal Pednekar

    With a humble background and a passion to explore her inner creativity, Kinjal in her initial years of career had begun in BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). But as her creative mind kept on looking for a breakthrough, she eventually realized her calling and started learning about visual art professionally.

    During 2004, art wasn’t that popular and Kinjal realized that in order to secure a successful career in that field, it was highly essential for her to develop a stronger foundation. Her determination for her passion enabled her to imbibe the subject and implement it acutely in her own artistic creativity.

    Even though this founder’s journey towards her ultimate goal has been an effective ride, she also understood that art education in India was treated more as a hobby but not education. This led her to ideate a better and productive solution for those who were very passionate about art and endeavoured to pursue a career in it.

    Grahin Art Institute was an innovative concept by Kinjal and her husband Vishal, an animator by profession, where they strived to introduce art as a professional course and not just as a drawing class

    Pednekar’s profound interest in visual and commercial art has given way to new learning, not only for herself but for several other students of Grahin Art Institute.

    Vishal Pednekar

    With a keen interest in visual and digital art, Vishal landed up with a reputable job with UTV Toons, after completing a compelling course in animation in 2005. Even though his creative mind helped him create compelling visual content, he soon realized that he required a stronger foundation skill to strengthen his knowledge about animation.

    While learning about visual art, Pednekar soon began implementing his skills in his profession that helped him in achieving fresh and inventive art that was appreciated by everyone.

    As the learning process continued, Vishal soon steered towards a bigger goal – to enable himself and others to develop a strong foundation of art education. With Grahin Art Institute which began along with his wife Kinjal, Vishal looks forward to engaging every creative mind to not only learn the basics of art but to also implement it in their profession and sharpen the skills professionally.

    The keen interest to create exceptional creativity in the VFX industry with his experienced animation skills, Vishal Pednekar has had a diverse role as a lead animator and senior animator and has contributed to some popular VFX projects. Associated with one of the reputable VFX companies as a lead animator with DNEG company, Vishal has successfully worked on some notable projects.

    Ranging from “Ghostbusters: afterlife – movie” to Netflix series on “The Dark Crystal”, “NORM OF THE NORTH” movie, “How To Train Your Dragon” series, “Fast and Furious 9” movie, and also on “Brahmastra” movie, there have been a varied list of projects which led Pednekar to showcase his outstanding animation skills for both national and international clients. Vishal had also been an integral part of Crest Animation Studio where he extensively worked as an Animator on the animated film, “Alpha and Omega”.

    With more than 15 years of work experience, Vishal Pednekar has successfully exhibited his creative skills in Virtual Reality projects as well with “Rainbow Crow” and many DVD projects.

    One of the momentous milestones in Vishal Pednekar’s life has been his first pet project from Dreamworks, “Troll Hunters” that has not only won the Annie Award but has gone on to become a major hit among the kids, being the “most watched” show for the kids.

    Grahin Art