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  • Child Art Program

    (Only With Pre-School Collabrations)

    Location: Mumbai

    Eligibility: 4 YRS to 12 YRS

    Course - Overview

    This course is designed specifically for every child who will be introduced to an exciting world of art and by the end of the course would be eager to pursue it in future. The program offers a comprehensive range of fundamental and basic principles of art as a subject. While building the foundation of art, the students are taught the basics of art through theoretical studies. The observation skills are enhanced by outdoor study tours for landscapes, nature drawing and experimental art and craft. Along with this, creative art, clay art, typography, painting and designing are also introduced to the children..

    The dedicated teachers of this program ensure that the students are brought into the world of two-dimensional drawing. Every student is encouraged to explore their inner artist with an annual exhibition which serves as the perfect platform to showcase their artistic work.

    This program nurtures every student’s talent with grade-wise training where every year their levels are changed as per their ability to adapt.

    Major subjects included in this course for the children are

    • Drawing
    • Painting
    • Colour Study
    • Observational Study
    • Creative Art
    • Craft
    • Origami
    • Experimental Art
    • Lettering & Typography
    • Clay Moulding & Modelling
    • 2Design
    • 3D Art
    • Art Theory Study
    Grahin Art