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  • Elementary And Intermediate

    Location: Mumbai

    Eligibility: 12 yrs and above

    Course - Overview

    Focusing primarily on students from secondary school who have shown a keen interest in art, the coaching for the Government Drawing Grade Examination is extensively provided by Grahin Art Institute. This examination is prepared for the students who are looking forward to apply for the specialised courses of visual arts.

    At Grahin, the students are not only given a comprehensive education about the foundation course to enhance their base for art education, but they are also coached about each and every subject related to art for a holistic education.

    Along with that, the students are also educated about the various aspects of object drawing, color palette and color wheel, the techniques of angles for still life, memory drawing, and drapery style. The students are given an exposure to the visual world rather than the bookish knowledge to allow them to immerse their senses and are eventually able to visualise and come up with more realistic artwork.

    The comprehensive knowledge about designing involves the principles and its elements, the dimensional knowledge, and the technical motives of designing with practical insight for the students to grasp it better. The subject of geometry ensures thorough knowledge about basic topics related to angles and degrees and advanced topics including elevation, measurements and conceptualised design for the subject.

    Subjects for the elementary course are as follows

    • Object Drawing
    • Memory Drawing
    • Design
    • Plane Geometry and Lettering

    Subjects for the intermediate course are as follows

    • Still Life
    • Memory Drawing
    • Design
    • Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry and Lettering
    - Grahin Art