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  • Entrance Exams Preparation

    Location: Mumbai

    Eligibility: 15yrs and above

    Course - Overview

    With a diverse range of entrance exams hosted by the state government or private institutes for fine arts and commercial arts every year, Grahin Art Institute administers comprehensive preparation and study material for the students to excel.

    From MAH-AAC-CET, CEED to NID entrance exams, NIFT entrance exams, NATA entrance exams, Pearl Academy entrance exams, and other entrance examinations for premier colleges and universities, Grahin provides an extensive one-year coaching courses to students applying for them.

    Every esteemed college, institute and university has a unique teaching method and sets a certain standard for the aspiring students. With Grahin’s dedication and excellent quality education, each and every aspect of the entrance exam is covered efficiently for the student to grasp and learn it thoroughly.

    As the foundation course is taught to strengthen the basics of the students, they are also taught about the aesthetics, designs and art, illustrations, the creation of visual works and many more important topics required for the entrance examinations.

    The complete preparation includes the following chapters for the students

    • Elements of Art
    • Nature & Object Drawing
    • Perspective Study
    • Gradation Study
    • Anatomy Study
    • Motor skills and Forms
    • Introducing to Sketching
    • Elements of Design
    • Principles of Design
    • Colour Theory
    • Introduction to Communication Skills
    • Introduction to Digital Workspace
    • Design Concept creative Thinking
    • Portfolio Designing
    Grahin Art