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  • Fine Art Painting Courses

    Location: Mumbai

    Eligibility: 18yrs and above

    Course - Overview

    This course is aligned along with the Hobby Course and is an ideal curriculum for students of all age groups who enjoy painting. Be it for a hobby or for professional aspirations, this course involves a comprehensive study of the basics of art. This not only helps in strengthening the foundation of their learning but also encourages the students to explore their own artistic side and master it.

    With this course, the students are able to make a switch in their current career by choosing art as their profession and learning about it as a subject. Students who haven’t had been able to study art as a subject in college due to age, entrance exam eligibility or any other circumstance are welcome to participate in this course and acquire hands-on experience in art.

    The major subjects included in this course are

    • Line Study
    • Gradation Study
    • Object & Nature Study
    • Human Anatomy
    • Head Study
    • Perspective Angle
    • Still Life
    • Light and Shade Theory
    • Free Hand Drawing
    • Sketching and One-line Sketch
    • Live Sketch
    • Composition
    • Portrait
    • Landscape/Cityscape/Seascape
    • Live Model Sketch
    • Outdoor Nature Study
    • Oil Painting

    The mediums generally used in this course for the students are

    • Pencil
    • Charcoal
    • Water Color
    • Acrylic
    • Water Soluble Pencils
    • Poster Colors
    • Oil Paints
    • Chalk Pastels
    • Oil Pastels
    • Color Pencils
    Grahin Art