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  • Pottery And Ceramic

    Location: Mumbai

    Eligibility:12yrs and above

    Course - Overview

    Specializing in intensive ceramic and artsy pottery courses, this course has been designed for all age groups and can be joined at any time of the year.

    While the pottery courses are conducted with clay as the medium, these courses mostly focus on de-stressing the participants and enabling them to enjoy themselves completely. The pottery course also helps in enhancing the creative skills and encouraging the participants to hone their imagination to come up with new items and inventions.

    In the ceramic course, every student is inspired to participate – be it for personal enrichment or for undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the fine arts, ceramics or sculpture, Grahin enables the students to find their creative side in an enhanced manner.

    From the common hand techniques to clay and glaze methods, plaster mold-making methods, wheel-throwing skills and other pottery and ceramic techniques are introduced during the course. The dedicated team members of Grahin ensure a fun-filled and knowledgeable pottery and ceramic course for both beginners and intermediate.

    Grahin Art