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  • Toddlers Art Program

    (Only With Pre-School Collabrations)

    Location: Mumbai

    Eligibility: 1.5 YRS to 3.5 YRS

    Course - Overview

    This course is designed to encourage developmental skills in toddlers with which they will explore the elements of art. The numerous ranges of art and craft activities include crayon coloring, painting, paper cutting and folding, handmade crafts and origami activities. The safe and non-toxic art materials for toddlers give them the liberty to enjoy the program while developing fine motor skills and cognitive abilities.

    By introducing the child to arts and crafts and encouraging them to take it up in school we will help them for their physical, social and cognitive development.

    The dedicated staff members of Grahin Art Institute also cater support to kindergarten schools and institutes by teaching the course to their students as a part of their curriculum.

    This can be done in any part of Mumbai, Thane and to other states by the trained experts of the institute.

    Grahin Art